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huDost : Product Reviews

Sufi Kirtan
Yoga Chicago's Debi Buzil:
HuDost’s Sufi Kirtan begins with the first word of the Koran: Bismillah. This year, husband and wife Moksha Summer and Jemal Wade Hines celebrate 10 years of making music together, spiraling up from their first Sufi- inflected release, Eastern Rose, through a back catalog of rock, neo-folk, and world music, diving deep into Sufi Kirtan. What a celebration it is! Sufi Kirtan introduces zikr, the Sufi practice of rhythmic chanting and singing. And who to repeat it more poetically and graciously than Moksha Summer? This Montreal native is inventive and versatile in her vocal delivery. Most songs are sung in Arabic with some Hebrew, Hindu, and English lyrics. Moksha has studied 12 vocal styles from around the world; she is fluid and appropriate in her choices. Jemal is a “guitar-god,” with a pantheon of effects pedals as well as stirring vocal harmonies. Their love for each other and their music stands strong. Each of the 11 tracks creates a special feeling, moving from major to minor to interesting places in between. The hypnotic “Qual Taran” (“The Chishti Anthem”) is a foundational song in the Qawwali canon. Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music popular in the Pujabi regions of Pakistan and Northern India. “Estafurallah” is one of my favorites, drawing on the themes of forgiveness and paying attention. The listener falls under the spell of the rhythmic intensity. Each listen of Sufi Kirtan gets the body grooving and the soul healing. HuDost, long-time practitioners of Sufiism, have raised the bar on kirtan: I can’t stop listening to Sufi Kirtan.
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Sufi Kirtan
Deva Premal & Miten
Sufi Kirtan (Hu Dost) is an album of chants in the Sufi tradition. Especially, in the shadow of the terrible tragedies in Paris and elsewhere, it feels important that we tune into the devotional and mystical root of Islam - which is Sufism - where the Great Spirit is recognised and celebrated in all living beings. The music is created by Moksha Sommer & Jemal Wade Hines.



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