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anugama : Product Reviews

Shamanic Dream II
Harmonizing Body & Mind
In composer/musician Anugama's capable hands, instruments such as the keyboard and talking drum are transformed into ritual tools for the harmonization of body and mind.  Shamanic Dream II, his 14th album, is his latest release on Open Sky Music, his own label. Subtitled Return to Innocence, it is an impressive collection of relaxation music written, arranged and performed entirely by Anugama.  

The slow, constant pulse of the first track, Shamanic Journey, takes the listener deeper and deeper into a relaxed state.  Spanning nearly a full half-hour, the song is interspersed with chants of Om Shanti, a Sanskrit exclamation of bliss that comes from the understanding that the soul is immortal.  Shakuhachi flute and voice samples of Indian spiritual master Papaji take center stage until the slow fade that brings the song to a close.

Sweetness of the Earth occupies the next 28 minutes of the CD. Like the first song, it floats along at an unchanging tempo and features flute as its main melodic instrument.  The words "Letting go" are chanted softly at several points.  Mouth harp and didgeridoo combine to provide a low drone similar to an Om chant.  

Magic Flow, the album’s third and final track, is introduced by the poignant strains of the tamboura, a fretless Indian lute.  The song’s slow pace and sparse use of drums round out the CD on a wispy, mystical note.  

One of Shamanic Dream II's most intriguing aspects is its use of consciousness-altering techniques to induce feelings of well-being. These include the use of sounds synchronized with orbital speeds of particular planets, the juxtaposition of tones of slightly different frequencies or pitches to create subsonic waves, and the use of frequencies above 2000 Hz, which are carried to the brain through bone conduction.

Like his previous releases, such as Tantra and Lightness of Being, Anugama's latest offering is a musical invitation to cast aside worldly pressures and return to a more tranquil state.  Its gently spiritual atmosphere and exotic instrumentation make it an obvious choice for massage accompaniment.

- Massage Magazine: September/October 2001 by Damon Orion, composer, musician and music teacher in Santa Cruz, California. 

Shamanic Dream II
Aural Alchemy
The long awaited sequel to the best-selling Shamanic Dream, has finally arrived.  Gifted multi-instrumentalist Anugama induces listeners into a soothing serene realm.  Artfully blending shakuhachi flute, didjeridoo, keyboards and percussion with the sounds of nature, Anugama sculpts three beautiful, delicately textured extended compositions that evoke a very peaceful expansive state.  The latest in his "Spiritual Environments" series, Shamanic Dream II incorporates a number of special sound enhancement techniques specifically designed to induce deep relaxation.  A landmark recording from a pioneering aural alchemist.

- OZ Tantra Reviews
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