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deva premal & miten : Product Reviews

Songs for the Inner Lover
“With Miten in the forefront and Premal singing gorgeous harmonies, this is one beautiful, expansive, soothing and inspired CD.  Miten is a Paul Simon calibre songwriter; here he mixes songs, chants & personal themes that are very universal.  A+ on this one for 1st song alone...”
- Lloyd Barde, Lloyd’s Favorite Picks List, Backroads Music

Songs for the Inner Lover
Intimate & Joyful
It has been six years since Miten last released a recording featuring his own songs and lead vocals.  Six years in which he has played supporting partner to a trio of beautiful Deva Premal albums, performed for the Dalai Lama, and had seen his and Deva Premal's arrangement of the Gayatri Mantra covered by Cher. 

As he sings on one of the tracks on his new album, Songs For The Inner Lover, he has "seen a lot of road."  His albums with Deva Premal, his musical and life partner, are a tough act to follow but Songs for The Inner Lover emerges as a natural companion to The Essence, Love is Space, and Embrace, sharing their lush soundscapes and emotional swoops. 

Yet Inner Lover is as singular a work as Miten has ever released and also his most intimate, full of a touching honesty and vulnerability. It starts sublimely with a cover of So Much Magnificence.  The popular sing-along is transformed here into an elegiac hymn to nature and Spirit, slowed down and rebuilt around the vocal interplay between Miten and Premal.  The moment when the wash of synths and piano give way to Miten's vocal is an extraordinary one, the sort of magical moment that happens all the time when Miten and Premal play live but is difficult to capture in the studio.

The two mantras on the disc, Sat Patim and Ishq' Allah, will be familiar to those who have attended the duo's voice celebrations. Sat Patim is a mantra for women to chant when looking for a life partner, and incorporates the mantra Om Shreem Shriyei Namaha, chanted by men to ask for more Shakti energy in their lives.

Ishq' Allah is the ancient Sufi chant [God is Love, The Lover, and The Beloved] transformed by Maneesh de Moor's arrangement into a silky contemporary testament to love and faith. Each feel like companions to Premal's mantra albums, sharing the same tapestry of harmony and rhythm.

However Inner Lover's finest moments come during Miten's originals.  Vertical Reality features a terse bass line, adroit lyricism and the sort of chorus that reminds you that above all else Miten is a songwriter, a man who understands how to find a melody that embeds itself in your consciousness.  Music to dance and feel to.

A pair of acoustic songs, Second Chance and Connection, find Miten at his most intimate.  Recorded spontaneously in the studio one morning, they feature just him and guitar.  They are honest, modest songs full of forgiveness and joy.  When he sings during Second Chance to "forgive yourself for the things you tried and failed to do" the listener feels as if they are intruding on a performance almost too personal to commit to tape.

However the most powerful vocals come during Heartbeat, a simple song of thanks to his Master that is transformed by some remarkable singing.  Here he reaches deep into himself for a performance as potent as anything he has ever recorded.  When he sings of traveling "this winding road" you feel every inch of the way, the joy and, yes, even the need, for the gift he's received.

Miten has indeed seen a lot of musical road.  His journey has taken him from the pared down acoustics of Strength Of A Rose, the dance rhythms of Global Heart Native Soul, the joyful funk-reggae of Dance Of Life and the singer-songwriter lyricism of Blown Away.  However Songs For The Inner Lover brings together all four into a exhilarating whole. 

When Miten advises on Second Chance to "pick up a musical instrument or plant a seed" you have to be glad that he chose to let someone else tend the garden, while he picked up his guitar and came forth with such beautiful, joyful and moving music.

- Paul Blake  [Paul Blake is the editor at the new media company, 3.  He was formerly Editorial Director of the web portal, and before that Editorial Director of UK.]

Songs for the Inner Lover
Simply Magnificent
Miten's newest CD, Songs For The Inner Lover, is simply magnificent, possibly his best ever. 

This is pure vintage Miten - heartful, passionate, deep, devotional and soaring.  Each song is a treat.  We are now using the first song of the CD, Waves Are Coming In, in the final meditation of our workshops and his incredible love song, I Never Was Loved to inspire participants throughout the workshop to what is possible in love.

- Krishnananda  {Author of the best-seller Face To Face With Fear and founder of personal growth and relationship seminars: Beyond Co-Dependency)

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