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manish vyas : Product Reviews

Sattva: The Space Between Worlds
This CD provides an enticing balance of chant, world music, and soothing trance sounds.  Subtly hypnotic, the flowing rhythms of this music are perfectly placed to draw the listener in further with each ensuing track.  Fans of the chant genre will find this CD on the top of their stack of favorites for months, and those who love Deva Premal will surely enjoy this ambitious musical outing.

With years of experience as sideman with Prem Joshua and others, Manish offers Sattva, his first solo venture, yet it is far from a solo outing.  He is joined by long-time friends and collaborators Raj Rishi (drums, percussion, keyboards, bass), Prem Joshua (sitar, bamboo flute, dilruba), Tanmayo (vocals, violin) and Shruti (vocals), as well as several others adding flutes, frame drum, bass, strings, etc.  

Manish sings and plays santoor, tablas and keyboards.  The songs and chants, which blend seamlessly with the evocative instrumental passages, vibrate with silence, prayer and spirit, and come directly from the heart of the musicians to the heart of the audience. 

Surprisingly, his soulful voice carries many of the pieces, placed in effortlessly rich compositions based on ancient mantras.  Hours of pleasurable listening will be yours with this journey along the path to Sattva -- the state of balance and harmony, the essence of being, the space between worlds.   That is where the beautiful treasure of this exquisite music is found, in abundant portions of grace, expressions of love, illumination and purity.

-Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music, USA

Atma Bhakti - Healing Sounds of Prayer
by Rotcod Zzaj (Doctor Jazz)
ATMA BHAKTI There are so many “new age” artists out there ’round the globe today that it’s often difficult to tell who the “pretenders” are. Suffice it to say that as you listen to the 30 minute opener, “Atma", you will know beyond all shadow of doubt that Manish’s studies and performances have made him a genuine master of music that transcends all “labels”… that he truly understands that chanting does not have to be at some certain measured pulse, and that when the vocal is woven peacefully into the flute and other instruments, a state of peace becomes reality for both the player and the listener – truly soul-touching! Don’t come to this album with any expectations, just rest the headphones gently on your cranium and let the magic of pieces like my personal favorite of the tunes offered up, “Bhakti“, is (for sure, my friends) what you need to help you on your journey! I give Manish a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00 – that means, of course, that the album gets a “PICK” for “best devotional music”. An excellent artist. -- Rotcod Zzaj (Doctor Jazz)

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