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Media Type: CD
diane mandle - Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
1.) A Call to Silence
2.) Enter Two Waters - From a Different World
3.) Falling Still - Moving Towward Nothingness
4.) Return to OM
5.) Regrouping

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing CD by Diane Mandle offers natural therapeutic sound of Tibetan 7 metal bowls music for healing, meditation and as yoga music.

For centuries, the sound of Tibetan metal bowls has guided us into deep states of healing and meditation. Intended for meditation, massage, energy healing, or just relaxation, the singing bowls in this spacious acoustic recording are struck and voiced in specific rhythmic patterns and tunings to create therapeutic sound harmonics. The result? A gentle, focusing attunement of brainwaves to frequencies that ease the body’s stress response and restore a deep sense of well-being.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
uses these principles to weave a tapestry of toning vibrations that relax the sympathetic nervous system, allow the body to heal, and invite us into expanded states of consciousness.

Do you enjoy Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing CD by Diane Mandle? See below for more healing music, relaxation music and yoga music.



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