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Media Type: CD
liquid mind (aka chuck wild) - Reflection (Liquid Mind VII)
1.) Gently Down -14:14
2.) Into the Silence of My Being -12:33
3.) In the Stillness -6:30
5.) Reflection -8:18
6.) My Orchid Spirit -7:40

Reflection (Liquid Mind VII) CD by Chuck Wild offers New Age Music for Spa, Massage and Yoga music.

This peaceful music is perfect for yoga & massage, to relieve stress, to help you sleep, and for all healing activities. The very slow tempo of the music allows a deep level of relaxation.

"I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself deal with the anxiety & stress of working long hours and many jobs, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV. Science has proven that our minds and bodies tend to harmonize with the tempo of our surroundings… slow music may cause a slowing of heartbeat, a relaxation of muscle tension all over the body, inducing a state of what we know as relaxation." _Chuck Wild

Enjoy Reflection (Liquid Mind VII) CD by Chuck Wild?  See below for more New Age Music for Spa, Massage and Yoga music.

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