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Media Type: CD
ashana - Infinite Heart
4.) Om Tare
5.) Gloriosa
6.) Tu Eres
7.) Ra Ma Da Sa
8.) Aham Prema

The Infinite Heart - Songs, Mantras and Chants Honoring the Divine Feminine for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls CD by Ashana offers Sanskrit mantras, Sikh mantras, Tibetan and Native American chant, with Crystal bowls for tranquil music, spiritual music, devotion, sound healing and yoga music.

Divinely-inspired¸The Infinite Heart the new release from Ashana, transports listeners to transcendent states of deep peace and inner healing on the gentlest waves of devotion and compassion. In this stunning and elegantly crafted work, the pure voice of Ashana and the celestial sound of the crystal singing bowls, blend together in a sublime alchemy that has the power to deliver the listener, literally, to the angelic realms. Here in this state, all that is unnecessary and untrue falls away revealing the pristine essence of Divinity that lies within.

Breaking new ground, Ashana blends her signature sound with Sanskrit and Sikh mantra, Tibetan and Native American chant, a song of devotion to the Virgin Guadalupe in Spanish, a hypnotic version of The Prayer of St. Francis, and an angelic choir of voices singing music inspired by 11th century mystic, Hildegaard von Bingen. This is the music of the new paradigm, birthed through sound and vibration from that all-embracing, tender pure source from which all religions spring.

The Infinite Heart
is the fourth collaboration between Ashana and world-renowned producer, Thomas Barquee (Snatam Kaur, Seal), whose masterful and sensitve arrangements weave Ashana’s pristine vocals and crystal singing bowls into an extraordinary sensory experience of musical prayer.

With certainty, all who come to hear The Infinite Heart will be lifted to a place of pure peace, comfort and unconditional love, where true healing awaits.

“A Gift from Heaven” – New Age Retailer

The miraculous quality of Ashana's voice, its power to soothe and heal as it soars up octaves and holds notes until they blend with chimes into infinity — comes to us like a message from beyond, bearing white radiance and creating the healing space with which we can remember true destinies and connect with the eternal grace of the present moment." — Daily Om

Track List:
1. Everything I Am
2. One Sacred Earth
3. To Be Loved (Prayer of St. Francis)
4. Om Tare
5. Gloriosa
6. Tu Eres
7. Ra Ma Da Sa
8 Aham Prema

Before I had played Infinite Heart CD, I was drawn in by the exquisite graphic art and photography on the CD cover and booklet. Infinite Heart begins with “Everything I AM” a track of lush vocals – so lovely to have words, to provide direct understanding and exact expression of all that is (divine). Track 2 takes on a different tone, and I adore the exquisite beginning of this track, as the style is different from all of the other tracks thus far (I have previously reviewed Jewels of Silence). The sacred Lakota language is so special, and touches deep within my soul, with “One Sacred Earth” (Song for the Grandmothers). The third track “To Be Loved” is adapted from the Prayer of St. Francis, is a very interesting modernisation of the prayer through rhythmic vocals that appear to build the energy of the prayer, backed by very sweet vocals, that remind you that it is a prayer. Towards the end of this very sweet, sincere prayer, the rhythm slows down, once again to speed up slightly again. For lovers of the prayer of St. Francis this will be a “must listen to” track. I have always experienced prayer as sweet communion with spirit that is almost difficult to describe, prayers that are not always solemn, but alive with the dynamism of my soul requesting divine connection and divine intervention. This song shows some of the rhythm and profound sacred heart sweetness that I taste with each prayer to the divine. The next track is another song to touch your soul deeply – “Om Tare” – a mantra for protection and healing that invokes Tara. The almost whispering chants are amazingly effective, delicate and beautifully vocalised. The rhythm of some of the chanting speeds up, providing a very modern feeling to the chanting.

Infinte Heart
weaves the ancient to the present day, providing a refreshing change to the world of mantra and relaxation – I totally adore this approach, and would recommend Infinite Heart to everyone who is ready to step up into the light of the new world energies, as Mother Gaia rebirths the new earth. Within each track there is movement back and forth from slower mantras, to faster rhythms, which is exactly what is occurring for Mother Gaia as she is moving through the rebirthing process…sometimes you will feel the faster energies, sometimes the remnants of the slower, older frequencies, and we do at present carry both within our bodies, unless you are one of the new children, or are an avatar embodied and have already transformed the slower frequencies…this CD will assist you to gently find your balance, allowing all to be present – both the old and the new…and once you allow this, a new synthesis takes place within you.

“Gloriosa” – track 5, is an adaptation of the lyrics from Hildegard’s “Ave Generosa” set to new music, and is a traditional and very calming track. You can find the English translation in the accompanying booklet. Track 6, "Tu Eres," is a chant to honor and invoke the blessing of Mother Mary, revered throughout Mexico as Our Lady of Guadalupe.“Tu Eres” is a gentle and touching track, and truly captures, in my mind and heart, the energies of Mother Mary that I experienced not in Mexico, but in Ephesus, at The House of the Virgin Mary, in Turkey. The energy of the chapel is unlike any other sacred place I have experienced worldwide, and I absolutely love that Ashana has created this song to honor and invoke the blessing of Mother Mary.

Track 7, “Ra Ma Da Sa” is the Siri Gaitri Mantra, which is a kundalini yoga mantra for healing that holds within it eight sounds that stimulate the kundalini flow (the life force essence) within the central channel of the spine. Chanting this mantra helps to align one’s vibration with the frequency of the divine to heal the self or send healing to others. Each mantra is explained within the booklet that comes with The Infinite Heart. I have one Sanskrit mantra that I was given at the age of fourteen to allow me to connect to the unified field of reality, of which I also found to be healing upon my energy field, increasing merkabah spin/acceleration which allows more flow, through rapid receiving of energies and following with emanation of light and love, spinning out all discordant energies that do not belong with your sovereign soul. The main aim of the mantra, however is transcendence. I find with this mantra, it appears to cut through all illusory energies within the energy field (for example projected energy from others that does not “fit” who you really are). I have practised advanced levels of healing and can confirm this mantra to be very effective – probably the most effective I have experienced, within the form of the song presented to us by Ashana. I have literally been searching for years for a tool that would allow for rapid cutting through illusion for healing and alignment, and this track does it all. Do try this and listen for your self.

Infinite Heart
CD completes with “Aham Prema” which means “I Am Divine Love” . . . how beautiful a mantra! A beautiful restful, peaceful conclusion to a magical CD. This is one definitely to rush out and buy – I recommend adding this to your CD collection. I will play this CD in my car and my house!

Enjoy The Infinite Heart - Songs, Mantras and Chants Honoring the Divine Feminine for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls CD by Ashana?  See below for more Sanskrit mantras and chanting, Tibetan and Native American music, crystal bowl music, sound healing and yoga music.

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