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Media Type: CD
karunesh - Call of the Mystic
1.) For the Joy of it All
2.) Hearing You Now
6.) Zensual

Call Of The Mystic CD by Karunesh offers new age music, yoga music, Asian fusion and spa music.

There is a stillness, a point of balance, from which all movement stems, just as there is a place of silence from which all sound emanates.

On Call Of The Mystic, Karunesh has established such a base from which many wondrous instruments and sounds leap into joyful expression.  Beautifully played bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, sitar, sarod and Chinese instruments, bansuri flute and Indian violin come alive in a symphony of celebration -- an offering, a meditation, a delightfully mystical calling, irresistible to heart and mind.

1. For the Joy of it All - 6:25
2. Hearing You Now - 6:46
3. Monsoon's Dance - 6:55
4. Mount Kailash - 5:59
5. Sunrise at the Ganges - 5:56
6. Zensual - 7:22
7. And the Grass Grows by Itself - 5:40
8. Ancient Voices - 5:20

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karunesh (Composed, arranged & produced all music) [more info] :
govi : guitar & sitar on tracks 1, 4, 8
chinmaya dunster [more info] : sarod on tracks 5, 7
avinash : indian violin on tracks 1, 3 and melody on Monsoon's Dance
bikkram singh (ARCHIVE)

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