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Media Type: CD
dj drez - 4am Plum Mood
1.) Enchanting City
2.) Inside India
3.) Still in Time
4.) Come Together Slow (feat. Marti Nikko)
5.) Forward
6.) Here We Are
7.) Hong Kong Layover
8.) Wildly Calm
9.) Prelude to Touch
10.) Lamazing (feat. Marti Nikko)
11.) So High
12.) Serious Play
13.) Shibuya Sway
14.) Watching in Slow Motion
15.) Taiwan Special
16.) Jungle Lights

4am Plum Mood  - Downtempo Soundscapes for AM Exploration, Sacred Movement, Touch and Mind Travel CD by DJ/ beatmaker/ remixer DJ Drez offers chillout music as yoga music.

The ethereal, purple-lit glow of 4am: Plum Mood  is semi-ambient music with traces of beats,  the soft touch of Domonic Dean Breaux on flutes, sax and harmonica and the warmly soulful, jazz-inspired vocals of Marti Nikko, Drez’s wife.

4am Plum Mood
was first inspired by the purple hue shed by the black light Drez kept in his bedroom/studio in the mid-90s. This purple hue inspired Drez to launch a series of mixes he describes as “very vibrational, meditational, sexy.” Drawing from his late-night experiences, these Plum Mood mixes, released in the mid-90s, defined “downtempo” well before the term had even been coined. “Back then, I just called it ‘vibe music,’” Drez recalls.

4am: Plum Mood subtitle, “Downtempo Soundscapes for AM Exploration, Sacred Movement, Touch and Mind Travel,” Drez likens this dreamy state to the feeling he still gets after years of late night club sessions: “It’s like if you’re dancing at that time. To watch a dance floor at 4am is amazing, it’s beautiful. People let go. It’s where one experiences more of the non-physical self.”

Perhaps Drez sums up 4am Plum Mood best this way: “Sharp-but-muted is Miles Davis on Kind of Blue…something I used to listen to in the middle of the night. With that black light on.”

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