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Media Type: CD
various artists - Journey to Wellness
1.) Lady of the Moon by 2002 -4:50
2.) Prelude to Love by Hilary Stagg -4:35
3.) And the Light is Forever by Kevin Kern -3:21
4.) Run Deep by Mike Howe -3:48
5.) A River Runs Through It by GeorgeSkaroulis -4:06

Journey to Wellness CD compilation by various artists is perfect new age music for quieting down and relaxation while enjoying spa treatments and body work therapies.

As we deeply relax our heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases and respiration deepens. The body seizes the opportunity to turn on its healing mechanisms and truly profound relaxation, rejuvenation and healing can occur. A resonance can be established that will attract not only physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual wellness to you.

Suggestions for a guided meditation are contained inside the Journey to Wellness booklet.

Journey to Wellness Tracks:
1. Lady of the Moon 4:50 -2002 from Across an Ocean of Dreams
2. Prelude to Love 4:35 -Hilary Stagg from The Edge of Forever
3. And the Light is Forever 3:21 -Kevin Kern from Imagination’s Light
4. Run Deep 3:48 -Mike Howe Original Composition
5. A River Runs Through It 4:06 -George Skaroulis from Second Nature
6. Wings of Sound 6:20 -Peter Kater from Elements Series: Air
7. Bells of Himalaya 5:18 -Frank Steiner, Jr. from Touching Silk
8. Lullaby for Grownups 5:21 -Liquid Mind from Liquid Mind III: Balance
9. Stargazers 3:56 -Omar Akram from Secret Journey
10. The Sound of Still Water 4:03 -2002 from Across an Ocean of Dreams
11. Fairy Wings 4:31 -Kevin Kern from In the Enchanted Garden
12. Timeless Ways 6:16 -Hilary Stagg from The Edge of Forever
13. Clouds 4:18 -Mike Howe Original Composition

Enjoy Journey to Wellness CD compilation?  See below for more new age music, relaxation music, spa music and massage music.



peter kater [more info]
frank steiner jr. [more info]
kevin kern [more info]
mike howe [more info]

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